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The Principles are the result of extensive research, discussion and consultation (with businesses, NGOs, trade unions and other expert stakeholders). The following resources provide further information that can support the understanding and implementation of the Principles. As more resources become available we will add them here. If you would like to suggest an additional resource, please contact us at eti@eti.org.uk.

E-Learning Module: Access to Remedy Principles

Funded by the UK Modern Slavery Innovation Fund and in partnership with Labor Solutions, ETI have developed an interactive e-learning module for retail and supplier businesses to learn about the practical application of the Access to Remedy Principles, the fundamental concepts around remedy and operational grievance mechanisms, and why they are important. We encourage all interested stakeholders to engage with the resource and support the Principles.

Access to remedy - practical guidance for companies

ETI's guide to establishing effective, UNGP-informed remedy mechanisms (Operational Grievance Mechanisms) for workers adversely affected in company supply chains.

Grievance mechanisms & remedy in global supply chains

A series of four background research papers aimed at driving improved practices among companies.

Principles and Guidelines for the Repayment of Migrant Worker Recruitment Fees and Related Costs 

Developed by Impactt, standards and guidance on the repayment of migrant worker-paid recruitment fees and costs.

Practical Recommendations for Implementation of Remedy Principles  

Recommendations for mechanisms and models for the practical implementation of the Access to Remedy Principles.

OHCHR | OHCHR Accountability and Remedy Project III 

Enhancing effectiveness of non-State-based grievance mechanisms in cases of business-related human rights abuse.

Access to Remedy for Vulnerable Female Migrant Workers

Highlights the risks and vulnerabilities faced by female migrant workers and the need to tailor responses and access to remedy for this particular group.

Support these Principles

Migration is a significant and regular part of the global labour market. However, migrants are particularly vulnerable and too often fall victim to abuse. By supporting the Access to Remedy Principles for Migrant Workers your organisation demonstrates its support for the right to meaningful access to remedy for migrant workers. Your organisation’s support is an acknowledgement of the importance of these Principles and a commitment to adopt and integrate these principles through your business operations or organisation’s work.